Life Before Raising Ainsleigh

I’ll start off with sharing a few things about myself.

My name is Lindsay and I am 24 years old. I’ll be halfway to 50 on June 13th.
I was born and raised in a small town of 17,000 called Morton, IL (The Pumpkin Capital of the World) The Pumpkin Festival is the best time of the year. I’ll make a post about that another time, I promise.
I grew up with four siblings and I fall in the middle. I love sports and I played quite a few growing up including basketball, volleyball, tennis & I ran the hurdles in track. I have scars on my knees to prove it. Ha!
Skipping forward to when I graduated high school. I went on to move down to Las Cruces, New Mexico to attend college.
My dad’s side of the family lives down in NM and my older sister and I went down to visit every summer for three weeks.
All in all, I got down to New Mexico, started school and that’s when I truly started struggling.
School just was not for me and or I just never applied myself. That was a hard pill to swallow since I always thought that’s what you HAD to do…You go to college, find a job, date someone real nice, get married and then have children and so on.
Well, it wasn’t looking that way for me. I began to really struggle with depression which I will make a whole post about in the future, but I’ll give you a little glimpse of what it looked like back then, now.
I felt all the feels then. I basically wanted to end my life at that point because I felt worthless, hopeless &  like I had no one to talk to. There’s a lot more to the story, obviously, but that’s for another time.
Fast forward a little bit since I’ll be going into that whole phase of my life in another post, but all in all, I went through a VERY rough time in my life and not just that year, but many years after that and I finally reached out and accepted help.
Depression is a big deal, guys.
If you are going through a rough spot or time in your life just know that you are NOT ALONE and there is ALWAYS someone for you to talk to.
I will gladly say, I am here for you. No matter who you are and even if we do not know each other personally. I am here and all ears.
I know what it feels like to not want to live and I know what it feels like to get the help you need and become an overcomer with God’s help.
Next up, after struggling hardcore with depression & getting help, I moved back home to be closer to my family after my grandfather passed away.
I skipped a bit. I had lived in New Mexico, Florida and Texas.
I am now currently living back in my hometown, Morton, IL and I love it. I really enjoy being back close to all of my family. God is my number one and He has helped me through all my struggles and He will not stop anytime soon, I’m sure of it.
After moving back, I became a Caregiver for the Elderly. I love helping others so it truly was an amazing opportunity for me. I then became a Nanny (I love children) during the week and a Caregiver on the weekends.
I’ve always worked outside of the home and I have, without a doubt, worked very hard throughout my life and I am very proud of that.
Fast forward a few years and without details, I became pregnant with my EVERYTHING, Ainsleigh.
She is honestly the best thing that has ever happened to me and I am forever grateful to God for allowing me to be her mother even though it was definitely not in my plan. I know God has a plan and I am to TRUST IN HIM so I rest easy knowing that.
I feel like I shock a bunch of people when I tell them I’m a single mother, but it is true and I will touch on that another time.
I am also a stay-at-home mother and I believe it is the absolute best thing for myself and my little one at this time.
I am very thankful & blessed I am able to be with and raise Ainsleigh.
I will most likely go back to working outside of the home at some point, but right now this is where I am meant to be and I will not shame myself or be shamed by others who think it’s not right or it’s not work because this is what is best for us right now (touchy subject, can you tell?) LOL
I will definitely touch base on that subject along with many others in the future.
This post was just a “get to know a little bit about Lindsay” post.
With that said, I’m back to cuddling and loving on my precious little one & pup. I’ll post again soon.

6 thoughts on “Life Before Raising Ainsleigh

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  1. You have such a beautiful & sweet heart. I’m so glad the Lord put you in my life for the time that He did and am blessed to know you. You’re an awesome mommy 💕 I am so happy for you and where the Lord has you.

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  2. THis is such a sweet endearing post. I loved reading all about yourself and life before your precious Ainsleigh. You are an awesome mommy, that I can see. She is so blessed to have you mama.

    Liked by 1 person

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